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  • Amarena
    Summer Ice Amarena boasts a genuine and slightly sour taste, reminiscent of a traditional cherry granita. The bottle has an easy-to-use pump for easy dispensing, allowing the product to be added to the neutral base. complete the product with a splash of citrus, to give the granita the right level of freshness.
  • Cola
    Summer Ice Cola boasts the flavour of the famous soda loved by generations of children and adults alike, as an irresistible Italian granita. Summer Ice Cola is available in a bottle with a pump for easy and quick preparation.
  • Lemon
    Summer Ice Lemon is ideal for preparing a cool and refreshing Italian granita with the flavour of ripe lemons. Summer Ice Lemon is packaged in a convenient bottle with dispenser pump for the easy and quick addition of the product into the neutral base.
  • Mint
    Summer Ice Mint is a delicious Italian granita with a refreshing mint flavour and an intense colour. The bottle has a dispensing pump, perfect for determining the right amount of product to be added to the neutral base.
  • Orange
    Summer Ice Orange boasts an inviting and fragrant citrus flavour for creating Italian granita. The bottle has a practical pump for quickly dispensing the product into the neutral base.
  • Summer Ice Base
    This product is the solution for quickly preparing Italian granite. Summer Ice Base is a complete powdered product that only requires the addition of water to produce granita base with a neutral taste, perfect for flavouring with any flavour of PreGel Fruit Lounge® line.
  • Summer Ice Citrus
    Summer Ice Citrus is the perfect flavour supporter to Summer Ice flavours of our range like Orange, Lemon, Amarena and Cola. 5-10 ml boost and enhance the freshness and taste of Sush Summer Ice Shakes.