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  • Arabeschi® Fragolissima (Whole Strawberries)
    Whole strawberries saturated in sweet, aromatic sauce makes this an instant dessert-friendly classic.
  • Arabeschi® Fragolissima N (Whole Strawberries)
    Whole strawberries saturated in sweet, aromatic sauce makes an instant dessert-friendly classic.
  • Arabeschi® Ginger
    The power of fresh ginger spice is undeniable in this flavourful sauce, complete with real pieces of candied ginger. Perfect for upgrading any frozen dessert or pastry.
  • Arabeschi® Jolly Croccante (Candied Nut Crunch)
    A dry mix that boasts a perfect praline combination of caramel and almonds, complete with flakes of Croccante (crunchy) that makes a contrast with the softness of gelato.
  • Arabeschi® Krocco Peanut (Peanut Cereal Crunch)
    This thick, golden peanut paste blended with crispy cereal pieces epitomises the experience of devouring freshly-baked peanut butter cookies.
  • Arabeschi® Mango (With Pieces)
    A new Arabeschi® enriched with pieces of mango in a smooth and aromatic sauce that is sweet and exotic. It pairs well with PreGel Yogurt or PreGel White Chocolate.
  • Arabeschi® Monte Nero (Cookies)
    An extraordinary Arabeschi® that recreates the exact flavour and crispiness of extra dark chocolate cookies. Pair it with the new Monte Nero Sprint to create an irresistible cookies and cream flavour.
  • Arabeschi® Orange Ripples N
    Sauce created with the best oranges, complete with slightly bitter notes and orange zest pieces, perfect for pairing with many flavour combinations.
  • Arabeschi® Otto Caramel Biscotto
    A tempting Arabeschi® that boasts the intense and enveloping flavour of a caramelised cookie. This sauce can also be used as a paste for ice cream or gelato.
  • Arabeschi® Otto Caramel Biscotto (With Pieces)
    Just when you think that our delicious Otto Caramel flavour couldn’t get any better, we have improved our product with a new textural element. Our Otto Caramel Biscotto is now even more tempting with little pieces of biscuits enriching the smooth sauce and giving this Arabeschi® a brand-new texture. The contrast between the crunchiness of biscuits and the softness of the variegate brings a peculiarity to the product, making it unique and perfect for every dessert application.
  • Arabeschi® Passionfruit
    With its vibrant colour, and energising flavour and edible seeds, Arabeschi® Passionfruit is a convincing homemade garnish.
  • Arabeschi® Pomegranate
    A sauce sold in bottles which has a sweet and slightly acidic flavour, characteristic of pomegranate and complete with seeds.
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