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  • Topping Honey
    This Honey sauce offers a rich, sun-kissed colour and the enchanting taste of sweet nectar, similar to having a fresh honeycomb in a bottle.
  • Topping Mango Alphonso
    A gluten free sauce created from the pulp of premium mangos from India, this product features a warm yellow colour and unique flavour just like the exotic fruit.
  • Topping Passionfruit
    A gluten free product that represents the well-known passionfruit with an exotic flavour and summer aroma.
  • Topping Raspberry C
    A gluten free sauce with a refreshing taste created from raspberries that boasts a bright fruity flavour on the palates.
  • Topping Rum
    A gluten free sauce with the strong aroma of the famous Cuban liquor.
  • Topping Strawberry N
    A ruby-red strawberry sauce with a pleasant flavour, perfect for combining with many different flavours.
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