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  • Base Allegra (Alcohol base)
    A versatile Hot and Cold Process Base utilised to create authentic gelato flavours infused with real alcohol without compromising the hold of the gelato in the display case. It is light on the palate and great to use with champagne, wine, beer, liquors, and cocktails.
  • Base Completa Fruit
    A special just-add-water base used to make traditional Italian sorbetto in a soft serve machine. It can be used in conjunction with fruit purée to create an authentic sorbetto experience without having to invest in a gelato batch freezer or display case.
  • Base Diamant 100

    Milk Base - Hot Process
    Base Diamant 100 is a Hot Process Base with a creamy and spreadable texture and a full flavour of milk and cream. This Base is warm on the palate which givest a unique elegant touch. It conains vegetable fats.

  • Base Diamant 50

    Milk Base - Hot Process
    A low-dosage, flavour-enhancing Hot Process Base that yields gelato with a compact texture and delicate milk flavour. This base guarantees optimal hold in the display case and does not contain any fats.

  • Base Maximastructura® 100
    This base was developed to offer a product with a very creamy and airy texture combined with a warm mouth feel. With Maximastructura® 100 the gelato obtains a significant overrun. The delicate flavour of milk-vanilla is very clean and pleasant on the palate. It contains vegetable fats.
  • Base Vegan
    A powdered Hot & Cold Process Base that is 100% vegan and free of soy products made with rice and cocoa butter. Easily prepare both classic flavours and fruit sorbets utilising pasteurisation or simply by adding boiling water or boiling plant-based milk to the mix.
  • Base Venezia 100
    A hot process gelato base for obtaining a creamy texture that contains non-hydrogenated vegetable fats and is ideal for maximising the overrun.
  • Base Vittoria® Super 100
    Hot creamy and dense structure Base. Vittoria ® Super 100 It has a full flavour of milk and cream that goes very well with all the classic flavours. The Base does not contain traces of gluten and is therefore marked with the logo 'Gluten Free'. It contains vegetable fats.
  • Ciocco 200 (Schoko' Kiss)
    A cold process base that does not contain vegetable fats, ideal for the preparation of a creamy chocolate gelato.
  • Ciocco Gran Fondente Premium
    The Base for preparation of a gelato with a very creamy texture and an intense flavour and colour of dark chocolate. This product contains vegetable fats.
  • Fruttosa® 50
    A classically versatile Base as well as the first Base PreGel produced for fresh sorbetto. It is a fat-free Base with a slightly sweet neutral flavour and creamy texture that holds perfectly in the display case.
  • Leggero Superfrutta
    A cold process base sweetened with fructose, which allows chefs to prepare a delicious fruit-flavoured, light gelato free of milk derivatives.
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