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  • Cannolo Siciliano Sprint
    The traditional flavour of the famous Sicilian pastry deliciously presented to seduce the palates and to take the gourmet of this flavour on a journey to Italy.
  • Chai Tea Sprint
    The enticing essence of cinnamon with anise, cardamom, and black tea never created a more delightful blend of authentic Indian-inspired Marsala chai tea. Offering a delicate mouthfeel enriched with just the right pinch of spices, the only thing missing from this redefined serving of tea is the steam.
  • Ciocco Chilli Sprint
    Consumers are increasingly travelling, and expecting more exotic flavours from different countries around the world. With chocolate being one of the most popular flavours of frozen dessert, blending it with the South American spice of chili is a great way to add innovation and more of an international touch to your menu.
  • Cioccobianco Sprint Water
    Complete Sprint product prepared by adding water to the mix.It boasts an intense white chocolate flavour and it contains over 30% of white chocolate.
  • Cioccolatte Sprint Water
    A powdered product with an unmistakable milk chocolate flavour, easily prepared by only adding water.
  • Ciocconero Sprint(without milk derivates)
    An instant, powdered product without milk derivates with a strong dark chocolate flavour that only requires the addition of water to create delicious gelato.
  • Forest Berries Sprint with pieces (without milk derivates)
    A valuable mix of different berries offering a sweet and sour taste infusion, spoiling the taste buds of all gourmets. PreGel’s instant flavoured powdered base boasts a fruity taste combined with a vibrant colour deserving of a space in any display case.
  • Fruit Base Bio(Organic Water Base - Cold Process)
    An instant powdered product for creating organic gelato and sorbetto with the simple addition of water and organic fruit or organic fruit puree.
  • Gran Limond Sprint with pieces (without milk derivates)
    A dairy free, instant powdered product perfect for creating gelato with the flavour of ripe lemons and embellished with lemon zest.
  • Green Tea Sprint
    Asian-rooted ingredients are increasingly becoming more of a staple in the diet with Matcha, the main ingredient in Japanese-style green tea, being one of the most popular. Provide the experience of a light and refreshing instant artisanal frozen dessert, rich with the authentic taste of green tea. This is matcha made easy.
  • Kripton Ice Sprint
    A new cold process sprint product with an explosive flavour for a burst of energy, enriched with Guaranà and Green Coffee extract. It can be used in the batch freezer or soft serve machine.
  • Lime Super Sprint NA
    A primary flavour in cocktail drinks due to its famous sour notes, or in staple desserts such as key lime pie, this hybrid citrus fruit provides a refreshingly crisp profile to innovative recipes. Created with limes sourced from Sicily, invigorate your menu with PreGel's instant flavoured powdered base bursting with the delightful pungency consumers crave.
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