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  • PinoPinguino® Caramel
    The unmistakeable flavour of caramel toffee in a PinoPinguino version! Rich and creamy, this new PinoPinguino flavour is perfect for creating both scrumptious artisan gelato and soft serve, as well as irresistible decorations for gelato pans and cups.
  • PinoPinguino® Lemon
    PreGel’s PinoPinguino family welcomes a new product with the typical flavour of lemon. A smooth, anhydrous Paste that boasts a bright yellow colour, its texture remains creamy, even at negative temperatures. Gluten Free and Palm Oil Free. PinoPinguino Lemon is also perfect for several pastry recipes, such as gelato sticks, glazes, and pralines. Great when paired with gelato made with PreGel Almond Sprint with pieces and PreGel Torrone (nougat) Classic Paste.
  • PinoPinguino® Orange
    A soft caress of pure flavour boasting a bright, vibrant colour and a fresh orange flavour. Its rich and creamy smooth texture, which remains soft and fudgy even at negative temperatures, is perfect for creating pleasant colour and flavour contrasts. Excellent for gelato specialties, try it also for preparing delicious soft serve, yummy beverages, and surprising pastry creations!
  • PinoPinguino® Palm Oil Free
    PinoPinguino® classic boasts a delightful chocolate-hazelnut flavour. The reasons behind its success include: the unmatched softness that is maintained even in freezing temperatures, the delicious and authentic flavours, and its ability to be used in multiple applications.
  • Topping Vanilla
    A smooth sauce complete with the aroma of vanilla that pairs well with many flavours.