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  • Ca d'Oro Dessert Cream
    Rich, creamy pastry cream for tarts, Bavarian creams, crème fillings and more can be prepared using this Cold Process powdered base. Its neutral flavour can easily be customised for more diverse flavour opportunities, still offering a homemade appeal.
  • Fiordica Gel Evolution
    Fiordica Gel Evolution is a complete powder product with exceptional jelling, thickening, and stabilising properties for the production of light desserts like mousse, Bavarian cream, pannacotta, aspics and many other delicacies. It is ideal for all cold desserts that are consumed at positive temperatures, that can also be stored at negative temperatures. Exemplify the same level of skill and artistry that scratch-made would produce.
  • Soffiopan® Neutro

    Neutral Mousse Base
    Variety and customisation is key in pastry. This innovative powdered base produces a light and creamy mousse or a sublime semifreddo with a soft, velvety texture, both of which can be flavoured with any of PreGel’s Fortefruttos®, Traditional Pastes, Compounds or Pastes for the ultimate results.