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  • Amarena cherry

    A fruit filling ideal for use in pastry production, characterised by an abundant presence of sour-cherries (75%) and by a reduced sugar content. Pastry Filling Sour-Cherry (Amarena) has a delicate and natural flavour and is perfect for the preparation of tarts, muffins and many other pastry specialties.

  • Apple Pastry Filling

    Apple Pastry Filling is an ideal filling for pastries and contains a high percentage of fruits (90%). Its full-bodied taste is characterised by the delicate and natural flavour of fresh fruits, which makes it ideal to be used for the production of tarts, semifreddos and other desserts.

  • Forest Berries N
    A rich and dense filling with an intense color and a classic flavor, perfect for enhancing cakes and desserts. With 38% forest berries.
  • Forest Berry Pastry Filling

    Forest Berries is a new PreGel Pastry Filling that features 60% of fruit content (wild strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, blackberries, and currants). They are perfect for filling baked goods and desserts that are served at positive temperatures, and they are a flavourful complement to many more specialties with an intense fruit flavour.

    A fresh and light lemon flavor ideal for adding a touch of citrus to many pastry recipes. with 35% lemon juice.
    A classic taste that is always loved, this product is ideal for adding a touch of color and fresh strawberry taste to cakes and desserts. With 38% strawberries. Also available C version (Cod. 72316)