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  • Amarena C Fortefrutto®
    A black cherry, gluten free concentrate with whole sour cherries that maintains the vivid colour of the fruit, as well as its distinctive sour taste.
  • Apple Pie Traditional Paste
    A gluten-free, authentic paste that's nostalgic of grandma's apple pie, great for children and adults alike.
  • Aranciagra Fortefrutto® (Bitter Orange)
    Aranciagra Fortefrutto® is a gluten free product that boasts a powerful citrus taste and is ideal for using in combination with Red Orange Fortefrutto® to stabilise the acidity of the sorbet.
  • Banana N Fortefrutto® N
    Our Banana Fortefrutto® is produced using real bananas, providing a soft and authentic flavour. It can be made as a sorbetto or gelato depending on the level of creaminess desired.
  • Bilberry N Fortefrutto® (European Blueberry)
    This flavourful and aromatic Paste features European-grown blueberries, offering a slightly more tart flavour than the American blueberry.
  • Biscotto (Cookie) Traditional Paste
    The intriguing spice of anise warms the essence of this smooth Paste crafted after the magnetic flavour of Italy’s most favourite cookie, delicious enough to make you crumble at first taste.
  • Blackberry C Fortefrutto®
    A gluten free concentrate created with ripe, succulent blackberries that boasts a dark, shiny colour and creates delicious sorbet.
  • Blackberry N Fortefrutto®
    This luscious blackberry flavour contains tiny specs of blackberry.
  • Blue Angel (Fruity Banana) Traditional Paste
    Firm, creamy, and wonderfully sweet, this enchanting banana-flavoured paste works miracles for creating diverse eye-catching recipes.
  • Bubble Gum Traditional Paste
    Unwrap the fun, sweet flavour, and nostalgia of this childhood favourite that offers all the goodness of bubble gum … except the bubbles.
  • Cacaopat Traditional Paste
    With no added sugar, containing only naturally occurring sugars. This paste characterised by a rich chocolate flavour, perfect for creating high-quality chocolate gelato enriched with delicate almond and hazelnut notes.
  • Cappuccino Latte Macchiato Traditional Paste
    A gluten free paste that represents one of the most symbolic drinks of Italy, perfectly blending the bold coffee flavour with a creamy milk taste.
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