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  • Cacao Togo (Cocoa Powder)
    A soluble cocoa powder containing 22-24% of cocoa butter. It can be used both in gelato and pastry shops to garnish or add cocoa flavour to many specialties. It can also be used in baked products.
  • Geloglass (Fruit Finish)
    Fruit naturally adds a colourful, fresh aspect of beauty to dessert creations of a frozen or baked nature. PreGel’s Geloglass is a fluid, neutral jelly that preserves this appeal even at frozen temperatures. Glaze fresh fruit to add a glossy finish and prevent the unappealing look of oxidation.
  • Lucilla™
    Lucilla™ is a creamy hazelnut and cocoa spread made with top quality ingredients. It can be used as a standalone ingredient or in the lab for professional use with baked specialities. This version is Palm Oil Free.
  • Magic Sugar (Isomalt)
    Whether you are creating a grand sugar showpiece, a beautiful garnish for a plated dessert, or a mouthwatering candy confection, this fine-grain product is ideal for all sugar work and decorations. Easily dissolvable, this PreGel patented product provides a clear structure to be moulded into your passion’s culinary desire.
    Semifinished powder product used for preparation of fruit sauces which maintain the natural flavour of fruit. Fruit processed with Pregellina® has a longer shelf life and keeps a bright colour and a fresh look for a longer timeframe.