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  • Frollis GF

    Shortcrust Dough Base
    An innovative powdered mix that easily creates a shortcrust dough with exceptional texture for the creation of countless baked delicacies including delightful crust for pies, fragrant tarts, cookies, and more.

  • Instant Yeast
    To complete the offering of products for leavened goods, PreGel also offers a powder instant baker’s yeast, to be used in many recipes made with My Sweet Mix and My Savory Mix.
  • Macaron Mix GF
    Fun, light, airy, colourful, customisable, and delicious; French macaron shells can be described in many ways. Easy is the most efficient description for the creation process utilising PreGel&'s gluten free powdered macaron mix, which only requires the addition of hot water to achieve the scratch-made results without the tedious labour.
  • My Savoury Mix
    A unique mix for making any kind of savory leavened product from classic appetizers and nibbles for aperitifs and quick lunches, like mini sandwiches, savory croissants, veggie rolls, and sliced bread to baked treats tied to local traditions, such as pizza bites, pretzels, and baguettes. Not to mention renowned delicacies dedicated to festivities like the gourmet Italian Panettone.
  • My Sweet Mix
    A unique mix for making any kind of sweet leavened product from classic breakfast pastries, like as sweet rolls, croissants, brioches, and Danish pastries, to traditional European products such as rum baba, Venetian focaccia and Frankfurt Kranz, as well as many other sweet treats tied to traditions and festivities.
  • Pronto Flamenco GF

    Sponge Cake
    Multifunctional ingredients such in a pastry kitchen are great advantages to busy chefs. PreGel’s Pronto Flamenco Gluten Free is a perfect example of such an ingredient. This extremely versatile powdered product easily creates sponge cake, roulade, and other baked goods with the simple addition of water and eggs. Once the product is made, it maintains its flavour and texture for several days, and is perfect for enriching with fresh fruit, chocolate, or dried fruit.