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    Complete, ready-to-use powdered product, characterized by an intense and captivating black color. Easy and quick to prepare, Black Diamond Sprint is designed to be consumed as it is (boasting a delicate milk and vanilla flavor) or to be flavored with Traditional Pastes and Fortefrutto®.
  • Cioccolatte Sprint Water
    A powdered product with an unmistakable milk chocolate flavour, easily prepared by only adding water.
  • Ciocconero Sprint(without milk derivates)
    An instant, powdered product without milk derivates with a strong dark chocolate flavour that only requires the addition of water to create delicious gelato.
  • Green Tea Matcha Sprint
    Asian-rooted ingredients are increasingly becoming more of a staple in the diet with Matcha, the main ingredient in Japanese-style green tea, being one of the most popular. Provide the experience of a light and refreshing instant artisanal frozen dessert, rich with the authentic taste of green tea. This is matcha made easy.
  • Lime Sprint NA
    A primary flavour in cocktail drinks due to its famous sour notes, or in staple desserts such as key lime pie, this hybrid citrus fruit provides a refreshingly crisp profile to innovative recipes. Created with limes sourced from Sicily, invigorate your menu with PreGel's instant flavoured powdered base bursting with the delightful pungency consumers crave.
  • Mango Sprint

    without milk derivates
    Fragrantly intoxicating, the rich pineapple-orange flavour profile of the exotic Southeast Asian superfruit is a tantalising option on menus. Capturing the taste of the sweet, juicy Alfonso variety, PreGel’s instant flavoured powdered base is a menu must-have for artisanal dessert that’s more like a ‘no-passport-required’ tropical getaway.

  • Monte Nero Sprint
    A cold process product with a vanilla flavour that is used in cookie fillings. It can be prepared in a batch freezer or soft serve machine and is great when topped with our new Monte Nero Arabeschi® to create an irresistable combination of sweetness and crispiness.
  • Pink Grapefruit Sprint
    Quickly inhale the distinct citrus aroma of pink grapefruit and within seconds it invigorates the senses. Wafts of clean, refreshing sweetness with just the right amount of tangy tartness create an alluring scent that is undeniable, and more so irresistible. PreGel’s instant flavoured powdered base reimagines this mouth-watering fruit into a delicious frozen artisanal treat to be devoured.
  • Raspberry Sprint with pieces

    without milk derivates
    Bittersweet and teeming with edible seeds, the raspberry is one of the most popular fruits in the rose family of plants. In the Australian consumer market, raspberries rank in the top five favourite with strawberries and blueberries. Bring its refreshing, versatile, and delightfully astringent flavour to the world of artisanal frozen desserts with PreGel’s instant flavoured powdered base.

  • Red Orange Sprint N
    Hybrid desserts may be all the rage, but hybrid fruits such as red orange are always trending. This marriage of pomelo and tangerine creates a distinct raspberry-like flavour experience with complementary citrus notes. Produced utilising real orange juice, PreGel’s instant flavoured powdered base boasts a phenomenal fruity taste deserving of a space in any display case.
  • Salted Caramel Sprint
    Invented in the 1960s in France and popularised in the ‘90s, salted caramel catapulted to mainstream Australian. The sweet-salty flavour marriage of salted caramel is an ongoing demand on savory and dessert menus across Australia. Recreate this super trend into an artisanal frozen dessert utilizing PreGel’s salted caramel instant flavoured powdered base.
  • Tropical Sprint N
    An instant, powdered product with the fresh flavour of tropical fruits, perfect for obtaining a light sorbet with the irrisistible flair of tropical island.
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